Online Acting Class

Online Acting Class With Sanford Meisner

You can study the noble craft of acting from home with one of the world’s most gifted acting teachers, Sanford Meisner in this online acting class.  Available to watch at any time from anywhere with an internet connection, this class guides students through the fundamentals of Sanford Meisner’s highly esteemed approach to acting.  

Taking an Online Acting Class is the future of the performing arts as our whole world shifts more deeply into video communication. This HOME STUDY course prepares all actors with a strong foundation for how to release self-consciousness, nervousness, and stress while working with an acting partner in a scene or story.  

This 5-hour class is for anyone interested in learning the fundamental tools for acting.

While in-person acting classes are indespensable, we can also gain a great deal of training and experience with an online acting class, especially if that class is taught by Sanford Meisner!  

After studying with Constantine Stanaslavski, Sanford Meisner spent his life developing and refining timeless tools for any actor of any era to help them to bring their own unique personality and expression to any role.  Meisner’s insights in this class are timeless and helpful to any actor of any experience level.  

We hope you find this course a valuable resource in your acting studies and we wish you all the best on your brave path to study the Performing Arts!  

If you have any questions, feel free to CONTACT US.

To access this 5-hour course, you only need an internet connection and a free Vimeo account.

Online Acting Class