Meisner Acting Class Near Me

Meisner Acting Class Near Me – Wherever I may be! Watch the Master Class Video Course taught by Sanford Meisner.

Want to study acting with one of the most influential acting teachers of the 20th century?  The Sanford Meisner approach to acting has stood the test of time for a reason.  The tools and techniques Sandy taught and refined his whole life long have been proven to be the most effective, and the healthiest ways for actors to explore the unpredictable world of storytelling and performing arts.  This video course offers excellent acting training for adults in the Sanford Meisner technique from your home.

Live acting classes are essential for every student of acting to take as a way to hone their craft.  But because training can be an expensive investment, this comprehensive introduction to the Sanford Meisner approach will help you get the most out of your in-person training.  Learn the basic concepts before you dive in, or work with this material to help inform any current Meisner training you may be taking.  This 5-hour course is a perfect complement to any acting curriculum.  

Meisner Acting Class Near Me – Wherever I may be! Watch now on Vimeo

In this class you will learn:

  • How to give your full attention to the present moment while on stage.
  • Techniques on how to prepare for and deliver an authentic and emotional performance.
  • The value of learning your lines by rote.
  • How to overcome nervousness and deepen your spontaneity.
  • How to deepen your imagination.
  • The history and evolution of how acting has been taught learned, and transformed through time.
  • How to make a life-long study of acting in a healthy, long-lasting way.
  • And much more…

Get a headstart on your in-person Meisner training with this master class taught by Sanford Meisner himself!

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